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Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Why should I consider getting dental implants?

  • If you have missing teeth or remove teeth, dental implants can help replace these teeth without harming adjacent teeth. In comparison, when you get dental bridges, the dentist has to remove some of the adjacent tooth structure to place the bridge. This leaves less of your natural teeth and increases the chance of further dental work in the future.

  • If you currently wear partial or complete dentures, you also will likely be more comfortable with implants. One of the main reasons that people feel discomfort from dentures is because dentures need contact with both your hard and soft tissue to be stable. This causes lots of sore spots and pain. Dental implants feel more like your natural teeth – eliminating the soreness and increasing stability.


Sedation Dentistry

Understanding Sedation Dentistry
The three common types of sedation in dentistry are:

  • Inhalation sedation, also known as “laughing gas” or “happy gas.” Often, the dentist will also provide a local anesthetic with laughing gas to avoid any pain.

  • Oral sedation, which involves pills or liquid taken through the mouth. The medication allows patients to enter a state of total relaxation during treatment. Usually, patients also receive an injection of local anesthetic, as well.

  • Intravenous (IV) sedation sedatives administered directly into the blood-stream through a vein for the deepest level of sedation without general anesthesia. If you choose oral or IV sedation, a responsible companion must accompany you to and from the visit. Also, you will need to avoid eating, drinking and any medication by mouth for at least 6 hours ahead of this treatment. Some patients, such as diabetes patients who takes insulin, will need to get a medical consult with their doctor to check if they can skip insulin for the surgery day. Before any dental procedures commence, the sedating effects of the medicine will cause the patient to become drowsy and relaxed. The dental team will attach the patient to a monitor so that the dentist can keep track of vital signs. At the completion of the dental procedures, patients will be allowed to recover from the effects of the sedation before leaving the office with a friend or relative. Patients can resume normal activities within the next 12 to 24 hours, but someone should stay with them for the first few hours at home.

Why implant

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for implants?

  • We value quality at reasonable prices – not the cheapest price. We use high quality materials, partner with dental labs who share our values, take the time we need to give you the best result, and put your oral health as our top priority over cheap deals or big profits.

  • We use the most recent and proven technology, 3D digital implant placement, to guarantee the most accurate, fast surgery and the least invasive method to improve your comfort.

  • We don’t believe implants are right for everyone. If you are healthy in general, implants can be a good solution to fill missing teeth. However, implants are not ideal solutions for every case. We need to consider your lifestyle and medical history to make your implants most successful. That is why you need well-trained dentists who are able to pick right cases instead of pushing all patients towards implant treatments. Dr. Song and Dr. Lee are active faculty one of the leading implant companies in the world, and they are immersed in current research on implants. Dr. Song and Dr. Lee regularly travel to attend implant courses, study complex cases, improve their skills, and exchange knowledge with other experienced dentists. You can tell the difference of our team’s confidence level when you visit us.


Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for general dentistry?

  • We can handle even extremely challenging cases. Dr. Song is the primary general dentist at Carrollton Dentistry and is a uniquely well-trained general dentist who is able to handle a wide variety of difficult cases, including full-mouth rehabilitation – the most complicated procedure in dentistry.

  • You have options on how to manage your pain or anxiety. Dr. Song is also certified to provide IV sedation for patients who have dental anxiety. Only a few general dentists in the Dallas area are certified to provide IV sedation.

  • You can trust the quality of our work. We pursue perfection. We know that nothing can be perfect, but we want to be close to it. We don’t skip any basic steps or material that could possibly cause failure of your dental work.

  • You can trust that we will treat you right. You can be sure we will be open about everything related to your dental work and put your well-being first above all other considerations.  Nothing about your treatment plan is hidden, and nothing should ever be a surprise.

  • You can feel comfortable to talk about any of your concerns. We are very open to discuss any aspect of treatment, and we won’t pressure you into a treatment plan that isn’t right for you. We understand that people’s budgets are always tight and that you may have other concerns that also shape your decisions about your dental care (for example, dental anxiety or time constraints).

  • If you visit Carrollton Dentistry, you’ll be in good hands.


Tooth-colored fillings

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for your dental fillings?

- They will look good. We don’t use amalgam fillings, which are an unsightly metal color. We use advanced aesthetic tooth-colored fillings that match your natural color

- They will resist further decay. We use anti-cavity tooth-colored filling for certain cases to prevent future recurrent cavities.

- They will last a long time. We use rubber dams, which are small devices that increase your filling lifespan dramatically.


Crowns, veneers and bridges

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for your crowns, veneers and bridges?

  • We use the latest innovations in dentistry. We work to keep up with most recent technologies and research, and use this knowledge to create the best dental crowns and bridges for you[SK[1] .

  • We focus on comfort. We make the most comfortable crowns and bridges by being very careful to check the occlusion (tooth contact) – we understands how bad post-operative pain can be if this step is not done carefully.

  • We put in our best effort to ensure your satisfaction. We start from the very beginning by closely examining the way your teeth fit together, and take utmost care at each step to ensure you end up with the best result possible.

Cosmetic dentistry

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for your aesthetic cases?

  • We coordinate closely with our labs to ensure utmost quality. We use a professional dental-grade DSLR camera to analyze your teeth color, shape and ratio to make the most beautiful teeth specific only to you. Then we diligently communicate with the dental technicians who make your veneers and crowns. Finally, we work with you to ensure your satisfaction with the end result.

  • We take our time to ensure quality.  We are not in a hurry to make veneers and crowns and put them in your mouth. We take the time required to make beautiful wax-ups that are built up based on your specific face shape and ratios.

  • You have a chance to review the work before its complete. Using our wax-ups, you can see the final look even before Dr. Song touches your teeth with drill. If you want to adjust it, Dr. Song will be happy to repeat that procedure until you’re satisfied.

  • We offer you the best technology and ultimate freedom of choice to get the best result. We understand that aesthetics are very subjective. The color of your teeth is yours to determine, and you can go to a professional dental studio to choose the best color for your teeth with color experts. We also use a special facial and dental analyzer to analyze your dimensions to decide the most beautiful ratios of your future teeth.

Cleaning teeth and reducing pocket depth

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for your teeth cleaning?

  • We use special techniques to best understand your oral hygiene and help you improve it. We use a special solution that exposes unseen plaque to analyze your oral hygiene. Dr. Song applies the most recent technology [SK[2] on top of the strong basic traditional dentistry to stop active disease and improve your gums.

  • We work to save you money, time, and discomfort. We believe your oral hygiene – cleaning at home and the dental office – is the most important tool to save you lots of money and keep your beautiful natural teeth. So we demonstrate how to brush and floss your teeth using personalized techniques depending your specific plaque pattern. This helps you avoid future dental work.

  • We have trained with the specialists to give you the best service possible. Dr. Song has trained extensively with multiple periodontists (specialists) and knows the specialist standard to improve your gums and the bones structure under your teeth.

Dentures (Implant-supported dentures)

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for implant-supported dentures?

  • We’ve trained with the experts. Dr. Song has trained extensively with multiple prosthodontists (dental restoration specialists), so he understands the nuances of the way your teeth fit together and how to make sure your bite is the most comfortable it can be.

  • You will get a result tailored specifically to your mouth. Dr. Song is very good at providing you a highly personalized design for your dentures.

  • If you get tired of wearing old dentures, it’s time to call Carrollton Dentistry to ask what is the best option for you

Root canal therapy

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for root canal therapy?

  • We provide a quick but long-lasting solution of dental pain and dental infection to save your precious tooth in our office

  • We provide a high-standard result of root canal therapy for a good prognosis

  • We clean up a cavity and infected nerve inside of a tooth, then fill up the canal with special material to seal it. Most cases require dental crowns after root canal therapy to prevent future infection and tooth fracture.





Other services


Orthodontics (Invisalign and other similar systems)

  • For mild to moderate cases of spacing or crowding, you can correct the placement of your teeth using a clear matrix that is not easily visible 

Emergency treatment

  • When you’re experiencing a severe dental injury and/or pain, fast relief is clearly the first priority. At Carrollton Dentistry, we will make time in our schedule for emergency appointments as soon as possible, providing patients with the dedicated care and compassionate approach they need most in these frightening times. Please contact us today if you have broken a tooth, knocked out a tooth, are experiencing a bad toothache, or something similar.  We provide:

  • Accurate diagnosis for your tooth pain

  • Extraction and root canal for tooth pain

  • Drainage of puss to release pressure

  • Broken tooth treatment

Teeth Whiting

  • External bleaching: removing stains from teeth and making your enamel whiter

  • Internal bleaching: dark teeth from past trauma can be made white through this procedure

Tooth Extraction

  • We extract teeth due to:

- tooth pain

- All types of wisdom teeth (3rd molars) extraction

- orthodontic treatment (after consultation with an orthodontists’)

- baby teeth delaying adult teeth eruption


Night-guards for Bruxism

  • Bruxism (more commonly referred to as habitual teeth grinding) occurs across all age ranges and for a variety of different reasons, from daily stress to a misaligned bite. A majority of patients will only experience it while sleeping, which may leave them unaware as to why they’re experiencing jaw pain, worn-down tooth surfaces, and other concerning symptoms. If our dentists discover indications of bruxism, we will recommend a custom-made night-guard for optimal smile protection. This durable device can be worn comfortably during rest, preventing the rows of teeth from meeting in harmful ways.

Sport Guards

  • Sports-related injuries to the mouth and jaw are some of the most common injuries incurred by athletes. Our goal is to help minimize your chances of a sports-related injury to your smile. Be sure to ask Dr. Song and Dr. Lee about sport guards at your next appointment — GO TEAM!


Kids’ dentistry

Why choose Carrollton Dentistry for your kids?

  • You can get quality service at lower prices. Typically, it can be a good idea to bring your kids to pediatric dentists (specialists) to check their teeth regularly, rather than to general dentists who may be less experienced and not confident in dealing with kids. However, it can also be very expensive to see specialists regularly. We can offer you a happy medium: We have trained with pediatric dentists and are able to handle general dental needs for children (check-ups, sealants, cleanings, simple fillings or crowns), and we know when to refer back to the specialists for specific care.

  • We are parents, too. We understand what its like to take your children in for care, the challenges that come with managing kids’ behavior, and the advantages of being able to get all your family’s needs met in one office. We are able to offer customized care that is tailored to your specific needs.

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